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Explore Native InstrumentsÆ Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass in this FREE course bought to you by guitarist/producer Toby Pitman...
Native InstrumentsÆ Scarbee Bass for Kontakt is, by far, one of the most realistic bass sample instruments ever created. The key to to creating and producing authentic sounding sampled bass tracks is to master the vast array of keyswitching options that determine the timbre, phrasing and overall Rickenbacker feel ûand Scarbee is full of them!

So sit back and learn as Toby teaches you the secrets of the Scarbee RickenbakerÆs amazing array of keyswitch gestures. Then, boot up Kontakt and deploy these techniques in yours track to create bass parts thatÆll indistinguishable from the real thing!

ûAnd while you're at it, be sure the check out the worldÆs largest and most complete collection of NI courses below:

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