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Title: Best.Service.Hallelujah.AKAi.[NRG]
Category: Sample Libraries
Size: 433.04 MB
Added: May 17, 2018, 11:32 am
A totally fascinating 'world' vocal library, recorded in many countries and cultures.

It features Dance and Pop choirs, Gregorian and Monk choirs, New York Gospel choir from Harlem, Background choirs, Classic soloists, Raggamuffin Toastin', choir of Nuns, Vocal lines hooks, Baritone, Tenor Bass soloists, complete unison choir, multisamples, Ahhs, Ohhs, Homms, chords, extraordinary vocal artists, and a wild assortment of rare vocal material - all of it original and fresh.

"This is one quality CD... everything is lovingly recorded, meticulously detailed and potentially usable. Best Service have expended a lot of effort on this, and it shows" (Future Music, UK).
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